Why Gary Hutchinson should stop speaking out.

You've probably all read the amusing but scarily misleading and downwright incorrect article on the Lincoln City Mad website. As i've got some time before leaving for Rotherham after getting up early I thought i'd quickly go through why Gary Hutchinson probably should have chosen a subject he understands to get so worked up about and why, as something now resembling a journalist, a bit of research on what you're actually trying to write about beforehand can make you look less ridiculous.

We'll start off with the opening words "the football world was rocked this week". He's obviously talking about the sacking of Ian McParland (or McPartland...), however in the article he goes on to explain, in huge detail, why Notts are nothing more than a small League Two football club. The over-the-top journalistic hyperbole was used in a tongue in cheek manner, we're going to assume. He then makes a big point of Notts having gone five games unbeaten and makes the point that, had Notts not been taken over by a 'faceless corporation' then our start would be deemed excellent. Correct, but irrelevant as we have been taken over which has allowed us to spend a lot of money on, probably, the most talented squad at this level. Throwing away a two-goal lead at home to struggling Torquay United was never going to go down well.

For Gary's benefit, Notts aren't the world's oldest football club. Nor have they ever claimed to be and 99% of the time they aren't described in that way. We are the world's oldest professional or football league club. As the investors have always maintained that they're happy to have bought the world's oldest football league club, they probably did buy the right club. Badly researched website articles, eh?

Yes, Gary, Roberto Mancini and Gordon Strachan are both being linked with the manager's job, particularly the former. Is it likely? Not really. Is it impossible? Not at all, as some of the episodes at the club so far this summer have shown. Are players, officials and the like really not finding things to their liking at the club? The most high profile capture of all, Sven, seems perfectly happy and not one of the proper signings we made has shown even a modicum of dissent. We looked far more of a team than the Imps, judging by the showings at Sincil Bank last month. Yes, Campbell decided he wasn't happy on the night of the Morecambe game. I don't know why and only a handful of people do. It probably wasn't the best saga for the club, but I think we came far better out of it than Campbell did. As for Matt Lorenzo, he was appointed director of communications. A different way of saying 'media manager'. A position that Lincoln City have filled.

The best bit of the whole article, however, is saying Sven knows nothing about football. Brilliant. One of the most decorated and successful managers currently operating in the world today knows nothing about football. He's won numerous honours across Europe, but knows nothing about football. He has one of the best England records ever, but knows nothing about international football. There is no reasonable explanation for such an opinion.

Finally, because i'm getting bored, he decides he's never really liked County fans as, apparently, we think we're bigger than the division we're in. Not true for the majority of people and certainly not on a Bradford City type scale and still not a reason for disliking a whole club's fans. I mean a group of Lincoln City fans threw glasses and bottles at innocent Notts fans, including a pregnant woman, a few weeks ago. We've not decided to run an article denouncing all Imps as mindless thugs.

As an editor of a similar website to Lincoln City Mad, I know that you need to write a lot of articles to increase the traffic on your website. But we've never felt the need to become footymad's version of the Daily Mail or to mindlessly spout bile about other clubs without at least understanding what it is we're talking about first. A concept which seems difficult on LCM.