What do the Stags think of us?

What do Mansfield fans actually think of Notts County fans?

The one's I know are good lads, although I know a few people that think they are scum just because they're from Notts, although I do believe we are the most financially stable club in Notts at the moment and could be in for a few of your players!

What do you make of the recent specualtion about Wayne Corden moving to
Meadow Lane?

I think it's just speculation

It should be great next season, now that Field Mill is a decent ground and the attendences are rising, what attendeces will you be expecting next year?

Something in the region of 6000-8000 will be our average gates I think. But don't hold it to me!

We'll be going to the Mill next season
Where do you expect Town and County to finish up next season?

I think both will end up mid-table, but I'm hoping Town go up and your involved in the dogfight again, although I do prefer the pies to the Spirites!

Who do you think Notts' biggest asset is?

Danny Allsopp, without him I can't see how you could have stayed up this year!

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