Trust raise all £250,000

The target was announced following 400 guests at the Royal Moat House International Hotel managed to raise £30,000 in addition to ‘gifts’ of £15,000 each from the city and county councils.

Nottingham Forest manager, Paul Hart, was on hand to wish his former club the best of luck in our bid to tie up the loose ends of the takeover deal – which is believed to be completed this coming Monday.

May I now take this chance to thank EVERYONE who has donated anything to our cause including Forest striker, David Johnson [pictured], the Chelsea FC playing squad who kindly donated signed shirts and also the fans of Derby County, Lincoln City, York City – sorry if I missed anyone out – who kindly held whip rounds to help raise funds. Also, a special congratulations must go out to David Hindley and his team at the Supporter’s Trust itself who have tirelessly worked to save our beloved club.

In an interview with the Nottingham Evening Post, he had this to say ‘It has been a tremendous effort over the last two or three months,’ said chairman David Hindley.

There have been so many Notts fans - and football fans from around the country - who have given so generously to help the club survive.