Tom Crawford says he has been made to feel welcome

The former Chester City midfielder said "I want to stamp my authority and get a place in the team.

"Everyone wants to play games. It should be good and it would be nice to hit the ground running straight away.

"It's been good so far. I've enjoyed it. The boys are sound and the training has been good.

"The lads have made me feel welcome. There's a few characters in there.

"There's been lots of running, but that's what you get in pre-season so I'm really enjoying it yeah.

"The running isn't the problem. My feet are killing but that's new boots! I'm just trying to break them in.

"It's a bit quicker here (League Two). You have to think a few seconds faster.

"You have to know what's around you. It doesn't feel too much different to be fair. I believe I can play at whatever level I'm at.

"I believe in myself, believe in my ability.

"You might get a few teams who play similar to the league below, but I think there will be more football.

"The National League is a good league. I think people underestimate it. It's regarded as long ball, but teams do play some football, they do pop it about.

"There is just more of that in this league.

“It's good to have a manager like Kevin who has been in the Premier League.

"He's been passing tips on to me. I went a few seconds early on one of the runs so I got a bit of stick for that, but no, it's good to learn off him and I'm looking forward to the season.

"It's always the aim to go up. Hopefully we can be up there at the end of the season and then go up. I think we can."