Thommo: "Rogers could have broke Pipe's leg"

Last updated : 13 January 2007 By Paul Smith

Q: Notts' sixth away win of the season overshadowed.

A: That was a diabolical tackle from Rogers. I'm right there and he could of broke his leg. All Pipe's done is put his hands up in self defence. And I'm with the players, I wear my heart on my sleeve unless I think something's seriously wrong.

I'm with all the supporters right to the end. The officials are making a mockery of it, we lose Pipe for whatever games, and there's no malice in Dave whatsoever Rogers should know better he is a seasoned professional.

Q: What did you say to the referee?

A: Quite frankly your cheating us ref and yourself because that was a career threatening challenge.

Q: What did the referee say to you?

A: Comment I made means I've got to sit in the stand.

Q: 2nd time it's happened for you.

A: What are you saying?

Q: Just saying.

A: I no what your implicating,. These are my players, I care for them and when I see someone trying to hurt them and when I'm right in front and see a leg breaking tackle then I care about it.

Lee... Experience told.
Q: And back to the game.

A: Accrington have done well to get promotion to the Football League. I applaud their manager and players. They were unlucky to get beat at Boston I thought they played good football. Obviously with the sloped condition they know about their ground and they beat Forest here. Our attitude was great we played when we could and 2nd half dug in. I though we were magnificent. Always worrying when 2-1 up and incidents like that happen and things get out of hand, but I applaud the players.

Q: First half strikers, 2nd half defence.

A: I said their goalkeeper would have a mistake in him. Jason did terrific following in and Dudfield looked good and hope he continues in the next 19 games. No one can doubt us. If we carry on like that we have got to try and get into the Playoffs with away form.