The players must show character says Ricardo Moniz

The manager said "You have to learn the players under pressure because that is when you show character in life.

"Under pressure, you know who your friends are, you know who sees the glass half full.

"But that is not to say there is no confrontation.

"Anyone who knows me a little bit knows every day there is confrontation, because every day we are trying to defend, to create chances, to score, to be exceptional.

"This is when you see identity, who are you.

"I always say, stay always yourself and keep loyal to your philosophy, and believe in it and don't doubt. And then, we play.

"We play already. With a young squad, young players, it will come.

"We showed that already. We must not forget that.

"They are fantastic. They are very analytic. They are very coachable.

"We show not only the good things but also the mistakes every time.

"I can imagine people say, when the lack of defensive consistency stops and you create so many chances that you don't win four or five nil every game,

"It stops when it stops. We don't know when it stops.

"But we work on that 200 per cent. That's the most important thing."