The Magpies could still get promotion

Last updated : 27 April 2020 By Magpie Mick

Steve Thompson, who is on the National League Board has said: "There is still the possibility of promotion to the Football League (for clubs).

"It leaves the door open with what they have agreed, but I think it is going to be difficult to sort out. That is my personal view.

"I have got no idea how it can be resolved, there have been no resolutions offered yet.

"It's not going to affect us as a club, the issue of promotion or relegation. It is going to be difficult.

"A lot of things will have to be decided on what happens in the EFL.

"What happens if they don't finish their season? I am not saying they won't but it's a possibility.

"If the EFL don't finish the season it might be decided that no one goes up.

"What it does is give certainty to the clubs in the National League so they can start looking at players' contracts.

"None of us have got a crystal ball, we don't know when the new season starts, it lets clubs start planning."