Takeover Bids Soon

Last updated : 24 January 2003 By
Notts have been in administration since June last year, and are hoping a new buyer will take them out of administration and finally matters can be well and truely concentrated on what happens on the pitch, not off it.

There were reported to be 5 parties interested in buying Notts, but now it looks to be down to just 2 parties to battle out and gain control of The Magpies.

"There has not been an offer put on the table yet," Finnity told the Evening Post.

"But I think we are close to it.

"I don't want to say too much because we are at a very sensitive stage. We don't want to upset things now.

"But we are still talking to people and I don't think I would be saying too much if I admitted that I believe we are close to the point where concrete bids were being put on the table.

"In terms of time-scale, I wanted something to happen three months ago, so it needs to be sorted out quickly.

"I would hope that we are talking about a matter of a few weeks and no more."