Steve Chettle spills heart out to players

“We have to get better very quickly because this is real now,” said Chettle.

“Performances like that are very concerning and we’re in a dogfight.

“The players need to grit their teeth, roll up their sleeves and pull their socks up to get out of the position we’re in.

“We’re all here representing Notts County and they have to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight with everything they can for this football club.

“I’ve spilled my heart out in the changing rooms and told them it’s not acceptable,” he revealed.

“We’ve told them not to just sit and accept what happened out there. They need to speak their minds and if they have something to say, then say it.

“We’re all men. We’ve got to stick our chests out and our chins up and work out how this can get better.

“If that means personal criticism then that’s fine because that is the industry we’re in.”