Shah asks for opportunity

Last updated : 21 July 2005 By Nuramin Abdullah

The Singapore international was surprisingly left out of last Saturday's friendly, raising much alarm amongst County fans as to Gudjon's interest in the player.

A few days back, Mrs. Shah, Shakina told a Singapore daily, "It's his first time overseas alone. Maybe he should not be afraid of asking the coach whether he will get a chance. Sometimes, they may be trying to test him, to see how interested he really is, after missing out last Saturday."

'Along' in Tiger Cup action for his country (n.B. the ball is IN the net)
And the striker did listen to the little lady's advice. He asked Notts assistant manager Ross McLaren whether he will feature in the remaining friendlies this week. And he got the answer that he was hoping for.

"I've been training hard but it's a bit boring when you don't get a chance to play any games." Shah said.

"Finally, my chance has come. When I reported for training on Monday morning at 9am, I decided to ask assistant manager Ross McLaren if I will get to play my first proper trial game this week.

"He said I would."

Shah started last night against Gresley Rovers and looks set to play tomorrow in the first-team friendly at Doncaster.

The 25-year-old was disappointed that he did not get a chance to show his stuff against Gillingham last Saturday and will be trying his best to impress in the upcoming games.

Shah said, "I was hoping to play but, on match day, I found out that my name wasn't on the team sheet."

But taking the advice that when overseas, he needed to show how keen he was by asking questions, he decided not to sit back and do nothing.

"I realized that, for my own good, I should make myself heard. Better to know where you stand. Ross was very straightforward when I asked him if I would get to play."

Yesterday afternoon, Thordarson involved Alam Shah in the team's pre-match training session.

This, unlike last Friday's training - before Saturday's Gillingham game - when he was told by Thordarson to sit out until the last five minutes.

Tampines Rovers chairman Teo Hock Seng along with Singapore football fans were concerned about Alam Shah's absence against Gillingham. After discussions with Notts County's technical staff, Teo said, "They were very frank with us."

"Because they have about five players trying out with them, they have worked out a rotation system so they can see how everyone fits in."

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