Race Against Time For Livesey

Last updated : 31 December 2003 By Rob Davies
The deal appears to be done, but it must be completed by 5pm today, which is the final deadline for long-term loans to be agreed.

Former Magpies manager Sam Allardyce, now manager at Bolton, has agreed to let the youngster go and Livesey, 19 today, is said to be keen to return to Notts, where he played 10 matches in a loan spell earlier on in the season.

But now it is just simply a race against time to get the Football League to agree to everything before they all go out on the p*ss this evening.

"Everything is in place," manager Billy Dearden told the Evening Post. "It is just a question of finalising the deal today.

"With any luck everything should be sorted out without a hitch.

"The deal will not cost a great deal to finance. Danny is a good player but it will not be particularly costly to bring him here.

"Plus, being as he has been on the wage bill before this season, we do not foresee any problems in getting the deal approved."

NCM Opinion

We would welcome back Danny Livesey, he certainly impressed me when he was here earlier in the season.

We would also suggest to Dearden that should Livesey's move be pushed throug in time, that he gives the youngster a go at right back.