Poll Result: Heff & Platt

I made sure I emphasised the word currently in the original question: Currently, What Is Notts' Best Striking Partnership?

The reason for this is that I'm sure some of you that voted for Heffernan and Platt, know that an on form Mark Stallard is the best striker, if not player, at the club.

Poor old Paul Heffernan, who just can't get into Dearden's starting Xl, was your no.1 striker, with his partnership with Stallard polling a quarter of the votes in second place.

Clive Platt and Mark Stallard, currently Dearden's first choice pairing, couldn't even get in the top 3, trailing in at a miserable FOURTH place, emphatically proving that these two just cannot play as a pair.

The complete result of the poll is below:

Platt And Heffernan45.0%
Stallard And Heffernan25.1%
Three Up Front15.8%
Stallard And Platt8.2%
Hackworth And Platt2.3%
Hackworth And Stallard1.8%
Hackworth And Heffernan1.8%

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