Oh No!! Finnity's confident...

After yesterday's meeting with the Football League Finnity issued the following statement:

"They appeared satisfied with the significant progress we've made in discussions with the prospective purchasers.

"All parties are in no doubt we have until December 9 to save Notts County but we remain confident we are on course to conclude a deal."

But League spokesman John Nagle said they didn't even talk about how much progress has been made with the takeover and that the meeting was solely called to warn Finnity that December 9th is Notts' absoloute final deadline.

"Paul Finnity was in the meeting for about an hour, but it was not so that he could provide an update on the situation to the board," Nagle told the Evening Post.

"The purpose was purely so the league could make it perfectly clear that this was it.

"December 9 is the final day for Notts County to complete the deal to bring them out of administration.

"The decision as to what will happen if they fail to do that has been made and there will be no going back on that.

"There will be no more deadlines, there will be no more second chances."

Mixed messages indeed. Word from the club is that the takeover is firmly on track at the minute, and that's from a more reliable source than Finnity, so let's just hope it's all done and dusted very soon.