Notts County's rivals Dover Athletic have run out of money

Last updated : 29 March 2020 By Magpie Mick

The club chairman Jim Parmenter said: "I have offered all footballing staff participation in the government's “furlough” scheme, the details of this are not complete, but I have been informed that it will be applicable in our case.

"The club has run out of money, with no income at all and none likely for the foreseeable future.

"I know some funding is being gathered by some of our loyal supporters for which we are extremely thankful and this will become very important in the months to come.

"My task is to try and navigate us through this difficult time and ensure a footballing future for the town’s club, this will require the cooperation and support of all of our employees footballing and non-footballing, as well as much help from the town and community.

"To this end our non-football staff have agreed to be redeployed in the vital task of food distribution and will be able to return when the crisis is over.

"With no funding being offered from the world of football we will need to take advantage of all the fantastic help being offered by the government and by doing this coupled with some financial support from myself and Sally (his wife) I believe we can get through this to play football again.

"Obviously football becomes almost irrelevant at times like this, but like all other enterprises many people find their livelihoods from the game and will need to try and do so when things return to normal.

"Many of you will know I am involved in the governance of the National League so my thoughts on how league matters should be brought to conclusion must remain my own for the time being, but I do intend to speak out when the time is right.

"All I can say is that I find the staggering self-interest being displayed by those who can afford to continue to pursue gain from the season by threatening legal action if they don’t get their own way against good people trying to do their best in unprecedented circumstances disgusting beyond further words.

"Some have said the Football Association have failed to show true leadership and gone scuttling behind their antiquated rule books to hide from reality, but I couldn’t possibly comment on that."