Notts County reserves manager talks about the 2-0 Cup final defeat

Steve Chettle said "It's been weird.

"It seems to take a long time to get here as a group. Then there's a semi-final, we've been up to Fleetwood.

"We've been all around Yorkshire and we end up playing at Meadow Lane against a Premier League team, so it's been really weird with the season that we've had.

"We had a go in the second half, we had to show our hand a little bit earlier than we really wanted to.

"We said after an hour 'if we're still behind we are going to have to go for it' but after two minutes of the second half we had to.

"We huffed and puffed and we knew they'd have a lot of posession.

"They were the third Premier League team we'd played this year and we knew they were going to be technically better than us.

"I asked at half-time for us to have a go and we did, but we fell a little bit short.

"It (Hamilton's first) wasn't a great goal, if they carve you open with great play, you think 'well played' but it's a goal that could be avoided, potentially, so at half-time we said if we get to an hour we've got to go for it.

"We went for it a little bit earlier and we had a couple of chances.

"They made a good save from Remaye Campbell and Kion Etete had a potential chance for a toe-poke from a couple of yards out to make it 2-2.

"It wasn't to be."