Notts County looking for a third successive home win under Nolan

Kevin Nolan said "The classroom is the video room basically and that's where we will study the team or whatever,

"It's just as important for me as anything else. We need to see the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition and help the players with something on the pitch.

"It will tell them players' weaknesses, and their strengths.

"They will sometimes see that in the game and it'll click and it will be like 'oh we knew he was going to do that'.

"I found it really useful as a player and it's something I want to bring in here.

"A lot of teams do it, but, having been an understudy to Sam, it's something I am really big on.

"He (Sam) loved the video, he loved breaking it down and telling you how to beat certain teams.

"I want to give that information to our players without making it too much that they are overloaded.

"But what we hope is that once we've shown them, it becomes apparent to the players during the game.

"I am going to say this every week, but there are no easy games in this league,

"Everyone is tough. Exeter have been on a fantastic run and I've watched a lot of videos of them in the last 48 hours.

"They play well. They do it right more often than not and that's why they have had so much success in the last couple of months.

"But if we can do what we did on Saturday, and what we have done at home since I have been here, then we can be a match for them.

"They were beaten at the weekend and I am hoping that will affect them. But they have a good few lads there.

"They will want to bounce back. The first thing you want when you've won a game is another one to try to follow it up and when you lose a game the first thing you want is to get back on the pitch eradicate it.

"Hopefully it will be a good spectacle and will go in our favor."