Notts County fans vented their fury at manager Jamie Fullarton

The boss said "I see the frustration and disappointment. We share it. Have no doubt about that,

"We're going to strive to do the best we can to change it.

"I'd combine disappointment with frustration. Myself and the players, when we come to play at home, we're looking to do better.

"I'd never question their attitude but in certain aspects we've got to do better to eradicate their frustration.

"You've got to be honest and say how you see it. We're disappointed. I feel the frustration the fans are entitled to feel.

"We've shown we're resilient away from home and gain points. We've got to show that here in front of our fans.

"I stress that I understand the frustration. The only way we can eliminate it or ease it is by winning games at home. That's what we'll aim to do."