Notts County fan upset at £150 cost

Last updated : 26 February 2020 By Magpie Mick

“We were all sat there having a pint  in the pub and then some bloke walked in and told us ‘lads, your game has been called off,’ he said.

“Everyone just said to him ‘come off it, mate, you’re having a laugh, but he was being serious.

“Then we looked on Twitter and there it was. It’s horrific really given how late in the day it was.

“Fans would have taken time off from work, others may have booked hotels and who is going to pay them back?

“Let’s not forget the first game in December had to be moved because of the FA Cup, and now it’s been called off twice.

“It’s probably cost me £150 to £200 in total and I am sure there are others who have suffered the same. It’s not on.”