Nolan will reject players who hesitate to join the club

"When I am signing a player in the summer if the first one says 'can I have a little think about it' then they will get 'sorry, but it's a no from me'," said Nolan

"We are not thinking about anything. We are going forward and if you don't want to come forward with us then good luck in what you do but it won't be with Notts County.

"That's the sort of mentality we want. We want players to come here and the reason why I recruited those players in January was because they wanted to be here.

"Over the season it shows because when the chips are down and things aren't going right, they are the lads who will drive you and pull you through the tough times.

"There won't be anybody coming to Notts County for a free ride next year. There will be lots of hard work and not much play.

"Whoever comes will have to know it will be tough. It has to be because the successful sides work harder."