No extra FA Cup funds for Billy

Last updated : 10 December 2003 By Craig Simmons
The trip to the Riverside Stadium is expected to raise around £100,000 for the Magpies, and Peter Joyce has made it clear that the money must go towards making the club more healthy financially.

Will have to go without for now
He told the Nottingham Evening Post that in future, he would like to see the money spent on strengthening the squad, but at the moment that just isn't possible.

"I would like to say that we could pump the money back into the team, there is nothing I would like more than to give the money to Billy to spend on new players."

"But it isn't going to happen. The takeover has been completed and we are on an even keel again."

"But there are also significant loans to service, which are going to need repaying at some point."

"And while it would be nice to use the money to add to the squad, we have to be sensible."

"We have adopted an ethos where the club will no longer spend money it hasn't got to spare."

"And we have to stick to that strictly if we are going to remain financially healthy."

"The extra money will come in handy, but I am afraid it can be put to better use in other areas."

Joyce also added: "There is still an awful lot of work to do at the club. But we want to do things with a bit of clarity. We want to be open with people"
I am sure that many fans will be pleased with the sensible attitude that the Blenheim consortium has taken towards the finances of the club. Let's hope this is the beginning of a bright future.