Neal Ardley's has his say on National League ruling

Last updated : 27 April 2020 By Magpie Mick

Ardley said "I think first and foremost it is really important to say that anything that goes on, as far as any form of football is concerned, to bring all the seasons to a close has to be done if it is safe to do so and can only be done if it safe to do so. 

"Sometimes I feel like I am giving my response to a question and people think you're not taking into consideration people's safety.

"If the government's guidelines allow people to go back to work and they say it is OK for people to play football providing certain measures are met, then at that point then yes of course from a fairness point of view you have to look at a play-off scenario and you have to give chances to the teams at the top of National League North and South.

"You have to give them a chance to conclude their season, the same in the National League and obviously then it's not fair just to relegate teams in the bottom of the table.

"You have to find a way to give them chance to find a way to salvage their season or keep themselves up.

"There's no ideal solution to this but if - and it's a big if at the moment - the government say it is safe to do so, then realistically there shouldn't be any reason why, within a three week-period, you can play some form of play-off scenario to bring the season to a conclusion."