More referees must become full time professionals says Nolan

“I’ve turned and said to the fourth official that he’s got to help the ref there. They should be a team as officials,” Nolan said.

“He’s got to tell the ref that it was a deliberate kick. My lads might have reacted to that and suddenly it can all get out of hand.

“He got away with one. Even their assistant manager is shouting to the lad ‘Sean, calm down, relax, don’t do stupid things’.

“I feel sorry for ref there. It’s a tough job.

“These lads are professional athletes, as fit as anything. Referees struggle quite a lot I feel. They need help.

“We have to send in a report week in, week out after each game. I wonder if it’s worth doing.

“I don’t know if they can all go professional. We need a lot more of them to be full time.

“I don’t know whether it can be funded, but they need help.”