Moniz reacts to 2-0 defeat

The manager said "There was a lot of pressure on us, but inconsistency has cost us yet again,

"We didn't deserve to lose, and we were better in the first half.

"But we couldn't get the last touch because we were not confident enough.

"We must be more creative and have more flair and only the equaliser would have allowed us to do that.

"We started to get impatient in the second half and we began to make the wrong choices," he said.

"Izale McLeod must run in a straight line to the goal, but he decided to pass to Liam Noble instead.

"We did hit the post in the first half through Burke, but then we started to rush in the second half and gave more spaces away.

"I originally thought the second goal was offside, but I watched it again and it wasn't.

"You knew from that point that Reid's class would make the difference and that's what happened."

Notts County now face Yeovil at home this Saturday and Moniz remains hopeful his team can turn things around.

"Look, we played well against Plymouth and I will remind them of that," he said.

"But what I can't accept is personal mistakes because they keep on happening.

"I can't accept, for example, how Reid turns outside the box to score their first goal.

"We should sandwich him and make it two against one to stop him from doing those kinds of things.

"We spoke about it before the game, but yet it still happened.

"We certainly played better than Plymouth and we had the better chances.

"And yet it seems that I always tell the same story and that is the difference in football is what happens in both boxes.

"Do I feel pressure? I always feel pressure. Against Stevenage there was pressure and it's always there. It's the job.

"But what I don't understand is how we can be so dominant against a team that is top of the league.

"Plymouth had their moments and, in the end, they made them decisive moments."