Mills takes yet another swipe at County fans

A vast majority of the near-800 travelling supporters were calling for Mills' head - not for the first time - after Notts were completely embarrased by Rushden & Diamonds, who, having scored 3 goals at home all season, went and smashed five past Mills' hapless Magpies.

But Mills, who would receive a substantial payoff were he to be sacked, has said he will not resign, despite his equivalents at Shrewsbury and Kidderminster - clubs with far lower expectations than Notts - both walking away recently.

It's not my fault!
And, instead of looking at his own failings, the Magpies manager - who has already taken a number of cheap shots at the clubs fanbase throughout the season- once again delivered another patronising message to Notts' following today.

"Football fans are the same all over the country,"
Mills told the NEP. "Quick to express their opinion when things are going badly, but you never hear from them when things are going well."

So, once again Mills does the one thing that football managers are NOT supposed to do, he has criticised the club's long-suffering support, and not for the first time.

After all, just when have things been going well since he took charge?

Mills is playing a dangerous game. Very few Football League managers have criticised the club's support so openly, and frequently, and kept their job for much longer.

All it is is another extreme example of the Notts County manager's sheer arrogance.

A long, hard, reality check is needed Mr Mills.