Mills: I'll NEVER resign.

The news that perhaps every Magpies fan had dreaded waking up to this morning has officially been confirmed. Gary Mills – now nine months and a not-so grand 19 defeats into his 40-game tenure – under pressure once more, has staked his claim for most unpopular statement of the year by stating he will not be moved by the calls for his head.

Uh oh
Mills – who for all the world looked to have revived a side that went down at Mansfield without resistance, bar one – now faces the merry-g-round of supporters jumping on and off the Mills Out! Bandwagon, with immediate effect, after this latest drubbing was the cause of the spilling of further irritation amongst the Magpies faithful, who’s attendance’s – dropping by close to 16 per cent – perhaps indicate the true extent of the loss of faith.

With fans becoming hot under the collar and frankly sick of the slapstick performances paraded to them, they believe that a change in leadership may well be the hard and fast solution to all our problems. Mills, however, differs.

In a negligent shifting f his responsibilities as manager, he told the Nottingham Evening Post today: "I need them [the players] to tell me if they can't take it," he said. "I can take it. I am not about to walk away. I am going to carry on. I am passionate, I am here to make this club a success."

"I am not going to let this affect me. I will come in on Monday with my head up high and we will work on turning things round. If the fans want to give me stick, fine. If they want to call for my head, it is okay, but I am not about to walk away."

''The players need to be able to take the pressure. If they can't take stick from the terraces, they have to be open about it.''

The pressure’s well and truly on, question is: can he deliver?