Match Ratings

Notts came very close to snatching an equaliser at the end, but I really wasn't impressed by the lacklusture performance.

Very few players shone, meaning it was hard to be positive with these ratings.

(6 Average)

Steven Mildenhall- 6, Criticised heavilly for the second goal, but to be fair the cross took about 4 deflections on its way over. He also made up for it with a stunning stop at the feet of Knight in the second half, which if he'd of got wrong, would have seen him sent off.

Steve Jenkins- 7, Did very little wrong. Was unlucky to be the defender withdrawn, but was probably because of his lack of pace when faced with Knight. Linked well with Baldry again. One of the better ones.

Nicky Fenton- 5, Not one of his better games. Consistently left Livesey one on one with Knight, and I can't recall him making a good tackle all game. Poor.

Danny Livesey- 7, Opinion very much divided on him yesterday. Some felt he was completely ran ragged and had a shocker. Others, like me, felt he was our best defender. Had the hardest job of all and really didn't do that badly. Hit the post at the end.

Ian Richardson- 6, Couldn't really be faulted. Battled hard, looked like he hadn't got a clue when he got near opposition territory though.

Simon Baldry- 6, Our only real outlet, but only suceeded in winning the odd corner here and there. Lost his individual battle, and will certainly have better days.

Darren Caskey- 5, Sad to see him slip back to what he was at the start of the season, but he did on Saturday. Hopefully it was just an off day, which he's perfectly intitled to. The team looks lost without him, though.

Ian Baraclough- 7, Star man. Best midfielder on this occasion so just sneak man of the match, though that's not saying much. Came close to scoring with a 30 yard drive that whacked the crossbar, took everyone by surprise.

Paul Riley- 5, Won the penalty but struggled again. Looks slightly lost at the moment, still gives the team more balance and I'd still pick him ahead of Nicholson. Maybe Francis should be given a go there.

Clive Platt- 5, Had two man who dragged him down every time he got near a high ball. Never got in the game.

Paul Heffernan- 6, Brushed off the ball too easily by two big centre halfs, but despite having a fairly poor game still looked our biggest threat to score. Took the penalty well.


Mark Stallard (On 61- Jenkins)- 5, Showed neat touches and looked a bit more creative then he has in recent weeks. Still looks a shadow of his former self.

Kevin Nicholson (On 86- Richardson)- 6, No time to impress.

Agree? Disagree? Was there any positives to take from this game? Let me know: