Luke Williams was happy with every player in the Boston United gam

Last updated : 27 July 2023 By Magpie Mick

“It was a good workout for us, and I’m sure for them as well. And everything kind of went according to plan, so it was a good day in our preparation.

“I think at this stage we have to try to rotate the players around in a logical way to give them the correct minutes so that we have the whole group at the same level.

“And so not too much to read into that, but I was happy with every player.

"I think when the opposition are going to be so defensively disciplined, and I thought it was a very good display, and we did face that once or twice last season.

“The outcome has to be in a worst-case scenario has to be nil-nil when the opposition are nowhere near the goal.

“So if you make a break for a breakthrough, sorry when you’re playing against such a tough defence then you have to not concede.

"Of course and this is something that we talk about inside the group that the opposition will have a plan to try to frustrate us and to try to force us into making an error so that they can capitalise on our frustration or lack of concentration.

“We did everything correctly today and that’s why I’m really pleased because it was obviously a physical workout because, at this time of year, we have to have that.

“Also, it became very taxing mentally to keep doing the same things over and over and not get frustrated or fall into a trap.

“We were knocking on the door pretty much the entire game, and you have to keep being in the right position. You have to keep trying to make the right actions to deliver the ball across the box.

“Then of course we’re lucky because we have great strikers at the club that if they do make the correct action they put the ball in the back of net, and you know that’s the most valuable thing they can do for him."