Luke Williams very disappointed for the fans

Last updated : 30 April 2023 By Magpie Mick

"I am actually very disappointed for the fans because they were absolutely top today and the team were not quite as top, that's the truth.

"We were almost perfect, but then we release our grip and it's a big mistake and the fans deserve to see us win because of the noise and the energy that they gave us - we should have won the game for them and scored more goals for them, but honestly the best player today were the fans by a mile.

"You can't loosen your grip when you have it, the keeper for them was magnificent and he made some unbelievable saves, but then you say somehow it remains 1-0 and when you make a breakthrough in a game like this, you cannot release your grip.

"We are still learning, we have to learn and today is no different."