Luke Williams unhappy with the amount of 'soft goals' conceded

Last updated : 27 December 2023 By Magpie Mick

Williams said: “We’ve had too many occasions where we’ve played so lethargic, and I need to try to help the fans understand what they’re watching at times.

“When the opposition are trying to deny the space and force the turnover so they can counter, we have to be so careful and sometimes the build-up is slow so we can come strong in the end.

“However, we’re already giving away soft goals before we come into the game powerfully at the end and then we’re playing out of control, crazy. There is no need for us to be giving away this amount of soft goals.

“We need to improve - it is going to be difficult to represent this club playing with sloppiness, mistakes and without courage - you cannot play for Notts County like that.

“We don’t deserve the reception we get from the fans, because they are there, ready to make it feel like a home game, but they need something from the team to make it feel like that.

“If we play how we want to play, then it is difficult to cope with us but it feels like we’re climbing a mountain in each game when we’re giving away soft goals.”