Luke Williams reflects on Notts 1-1 draw at League One Shrewsbury Town

Last updated : 31 July 2023 By Magpie Mick

Williams said: “I’m happy that we managed to control periods of the game, but we’re not at that level yet, it’s clear that we’re not a League One side because we can’t expect to make that many mistakes in the build-up. With the amount of possession we had we need to create more chances, so that is the next step for us. We don’t know at what level we’ll be able to perform in League Two yet but we’re going to very quickly find out.”

 “We have one more week of conditioning, preparing in a more natural way as we would for any league game, so overall we’re happy enough. We’ll start to taper down the volume of work on the training pitch so that the team are fresh for the first league game.

“We need to give the fans what they deserve, it is completely unknown how we’ll match up against teams at this level, but we know it will be tough regardless. We need to represent the club well and we’re anxious to do that from the first game, but it is now time for us to take the leap and try to impose ourselves in League Two.”