Luke Williams impressed but not surprised with his team's first week of the season

Last updated : 31 August 2023 By Magpie Mick

The head coach said “I think it would be rude if I said I was surprised because I’ve been through a lot with so many of the players in that changing room. If I was surprised then that would mean that I doubted them.

“That would be really unfair so I would use another word, yet again I’m impressed with how they can take a lesson and some really tough meetings with tough words from me.

“I hope that they know that everything I say comes from a place of trying to make us better and it is never personal but it is still tough to take in that moment and that is the role I have as manager.

“When you have a response like the one we are seeing now, you have to be so grateful to be a head coach of a group that can keep coming up with answers in difficult situations.”