Luke Williams defends Dan Crowley talking about his religion

Last updated : 28 November 2023 By Magpie Mick

Williams said: “We’ve seen bad examples of footballers down the years and they’re there to be shot at sometimes which is part of being a footballer, but when a guy like Dan Crowley is playing in an incredible way, entertaining people with passion and putting his body on the line, we should embrace that.

“He’s a family man and he’s an incredible guy in general with the way he tries to look out for people. He’s not out drinking or gambling and making a terrible example, he’s doing the opposite, being humble and kind off the pitch while playing with passion and flair.

“I think we should embrace that more and if you don’t agree with his religious beliefs, let's just judge him on how he is as a human being. I’m so impressed with him on the pitch and the way he lives his life so we should show respect for that, even if religion is not something you believe or you have a different faith.”