Luke Williams attempted to catch a deer

Last updated : 27 April 2023 By Magpie Mick

Williams said "Yeah, I have just about got my breath back - it's actually not my first rodeo with this kind of situation.

"My good friend David Coles a goalkeeping coach at Bristol Rovers and a real amazing guy, he is a real animal lover as well and we actually found a deer caught in the net behind the goal that catches the ball when you do finishing practice.

"On that occasion, I had to actually wrestle the deer to the ground because the net was caught around the antlers, and he gave my good friend David a right good kick just below the knee - it put him in hospital I think."

"It was actually a milder version when the deer was already free - myself and the staff I am not sure on the video if you can see the staff, we make a brilliant press, I think Ruben (Rodrigues) and Sam Austin are quite impressed with the way we pressed the deer and kept him in one corner and force him off the training pitch.

"I was really happy with the staff, we have everything clipped up in the meeting to show all the angles of the press and the energy was brilliant."