Luke Williams addresses the Magpies challenges

Last updated : 27 December 2023 By Magpie Mick

The Notts County manager said “The reality is that it is very challenging to be promoted and then come into a division where most of the teams have been gearing up to push out of this level for multiple seasons and trying to crack the winning formula.

“It is tough and I have been very impressed with the overall standard of the league, so in the grand scheme of things we’re doing well but I don’t we would’ve been able to bounce back in the playoffs last season after the crushing feeling of missing out on the title if we hadn’t been relentless.

“That was how we did it - none of us here are so good that we don’t have to try as hard as we do. I’m not the best head coach in the world and we don’t have the best players in the world but what we do have is some top mentality.”

“We have been absolutely relentless, and maintaining that is a huge challenge, but that is our best route to success, is to be demanding of ourselves and relentless to see if we can try and maintain that enthusiasm and energy over a long period of time.

“If the opposition were outstanding and we couldn’t get to grips with them, then I can accept that, but what I’ve seen recently from us is a team that are capable of winning a game, showing that in periods, but not being able to maintain those levels of performance.

“I feel we alone are more unpredictable than the league itself at the moment in terms of whether we will perform well or not.”