League Losing Patience

The League have today clearly stated that the current deadline for the club to come out of administration, December 9th, is the final deadline. No second chances after this one.

What we're all fighting to save
Administrator, Paul Finnity, has given Notts' fans numerous assurances that they will be out of administration soon. "I am confident", are his usual words.

But when Finnity meets league officials on Wednesday to report to them how the takeover's going, he will be left in no doubt that there is no second chances, if this deadline isn't met, we won't exist anymore. Simple as that.

A Football League spokesman warned: "In a very short time we will be approaching the absolute final deadline and Notts County.

"The oldest professional club in the world, could be taking its last breath if they do not come out of administration.

"There have been numerous deadlines which have come and gone but this is the final deadline and time is marching on.

"If they do not come out of administration by December 9, they will be out of the League."

That's your cue Finnity, you've had long enough now, please end this nightmare soon and help save the oldest Football League club in the world.