Kyle Cameron adamant the Magpies can still win the National League

Last updated : 28 February 2022 By Magpie Mick

The captain said "From ourselves to the top I think a lot of teams that can still win it and I still believe that we can do it," he said.

"We've got two games in hand, that leaves us six points behind Stockport then if we beat them, that's only three points.

"It's a one-game swing then. And if you look at the run-ins between us and Stockport, a lot of people would say we've got the easier run when we are sort of expected to probably win the last seven or eight, we hope.

"So, for me looking at that, I think we're still in with the shout.

"We just need to make sure we keep sort of picking up points as it's a massive month of playing everyone who is around us or above us.

"This March is going to be a pivotal month and we'll see where we're at following those games."