Kewell wants players to make their own decisions

Kewell said “It’s giving them the confidence to make decisions out in the park.

“We create players now that when they come into work, they get told what to wear, what to eat, what time to start, what to do on the pitch and they start to become robots. They aren’t thinking for themselves.

“These players have had that and now I’m starting to give them the freedom to make decisions on their own.

“They see the game different to me, they will see the game different to the chairman and the fans, everyone will always have an opinion on the decision, but a player still needs to have the confidence that they can make the right decision out on the park.

“Now I’m not saying the left-back decides to turn into the right-winger because that would be a mistake.

“But filling in gaps or maybe just trying to exploit an area where they feel they can make a difference.

“I was always a player like that and that’s what I want to try to create.”