Kevin Nolan wants to speak to referees' chief

“I will be giving Dave Allison, who is the chief referee, a call in the next couple of weeks because I don’t want to lose my temper the way I have on Saturday. I don’t want to be kicking bottles,” said the Magpies manager.

“But it’s just the frustration, that’s what you’re seeing from me.

“It’s not what it does when he doesn’t give the actual incident (the handball), it’s what it does to the players.

“He’s booked my centre-half, because my centre-half is having a pop at him and has probably gone a bit too far.

“He picks up another yellow card, and now I could lose him in what is going to be a busy period for us in the next five or six weeks.

“I’m going to lose him for a game because of a silly yellow card, which I feel has been brought on because of an incident which the referee has missed and a blatant handball or a blatant penalty. It’s taken him to another level to try to get his point across.

“Sometimes you can’t work on that with the lads because they are upset; it’s an emotional game. Referees have got to see that, and they’ve got to know when they’ve done wrong.

“I will be hopefully having a chat with Dave – a nice one, just to try to explain my side and hopefully get something back from him.

“He might not like what he hears from me, and I might not like what I hear from him, but I think it’s important I try to get some sort of relationship with them because I feel it’s important for me, going forward.

“Working on all aspects of my managerial career, I think that’s another aspect which I need to get better at.”