Kevin Nolan to take inspiration from Sam Allardyce

"I don't want to place too much emphasis on it, but I always believe in hitting the ground running," he said.

"I've got that from Sam Allardyce. He massively believed in having a good start and that's why all that preparation will be going into the first game.

"It's not about beating Nottingham Forest in a friendly and then losing to Coventry and then losing to Chesterfield.

"They are the two games that matter so that Forest (pre-season) game, while it will be a fantastic occasion, will be about the boys getting those minutes in and making sure they are good minutes too.

"We want to be ready, we don't want injuries and we want to make sure we keep moving forward, making sure that everybody is getting fitter.

"Then come August 5, we are ready to explode and hitting the ground running."