Kevin Nolan tells his players to 'get used to doing the ugly stuff'

The manager said "I said to the players they are going to have to get used to doing the ugly stuff.

"We will have to get down and dirty because, quite frankly, we weren't good enough.

"I gave them what for at half-time, but it didn't get the reaction we wanted.

"We still got the penalty and the chance to make it 3-1, but we hit the bar and it goes 40 foot up in the air which summed up the night.

"There was just so much, so wrong and it's mad because it's not as if we haven't worked on a lot of stuff.

"We worked on set-pieces for and against and it is about making the right decisions at the right time. At the moment we are not.

"Every time they got it, they looked like they could open us up.

"Maybe we've hidden behind the two previous games before Friday and given them too much praise for how well they've done.

"They conceded six goals in two games and I spoke about that 48 hours before the Yeovil game.

"But it wasn't taken on board. There's a lot to think about."