Kevin Nolan cancels day off for his players as emotions run high

“There are lots of emotions running through me at the minute,” said Nolan

“But we got what we deserved because, quite frankly, when we talk about game plans, game management, not one of them have taken it on board.

“It’s quite strange really because we worked our socks off on Thursday, but they’ve struggled under the lights and the expectancy of what’s been thrown at them.

“But we’ve got to sort it out quickly because we have a game on Tuesday. We were supposed to be having a scheduled day off on Saturday but they will be in now.

“They will watch it again and we’ve got to put it to bed and we’ve got to get better and quicker.

“I’ve told the players who have watched me and have been with me for the last 18 months who know what I am about.

“I’ve just told them that it was unacceptable in terms of my standards.”