Kevin Nicholson: An Apology

Last updated : 10 December 2003 By Rob Davies
The article that was on the frontpage of NCM a short while back (linked at the bottom of the page) was always meant to be tongue in cheek, and wasn't meant to be serious in any way.

Kevin certainly doesn't have mafia connections and most definetly did not try to make off with Stuart Pearce's shorts!

The article's content was based on a rumour started on the Mailing List that Kevin had basically knicked Joe Cole's shirt after the Chelsea game and had refused to hand it over to the Supporters Trust when asked.

The fact is that Kevin knew Joe from a while back, from early England schoolboy days and they'd both agreed to swap shirts during the game.

Kevin told Billy Dearden straight after the game, so there would be no problems with the Trust, and he knew he would have to buy his own replica shirt. He was not fined by the club.

With the team entering a new era at the minute it is important that the crowd get behind the team and Kevin felt that it was important that this story didn't get out of control, especially as comments such as "He should never play for the club again" were being banded about.

Once again, just to point out that the article below was a joke and not meant to be anything serious!!!!

Rob- Editor NCM.