Jon Stead says the Magpies were struggling to know their real identity

“The changes we have had this season probably haven’t helped anything because for a long time we were struggling to know our real identity as a team,” Stead said.

“We knew what it was under Kev (Nolan). It was no fault of his, but it was the players who didn’t implement the way he wanted to play which ended with him out the door.

“That’s on the players in my opinion and I include myself in that.

“Then comes a polar opposite of how we play.

“Circumstances meant that he (Kewell) probably had to play a different way to what he wanted when he first came, but now he has got to the point where he is keen to play his philosophy.

“We have to take that on board and live and breathe it with him.

“That’s the only way we will get success out of it.”