Jon Stead says it feels a little strange to be moving on

Last updated : 13 June 2019 By Magpie Mick

Stead said "Four years at a club is a long time.

"I built up some strong relationships with players, the club's staff and of course the fans.

"It feels a little bit strange to be moving on, but I am moving to a club who are heading in the right direction.

"They are really kicking on and are they are trying to get into the Football League, and I want to be a part of achieving that.

"I am raring to go and looking forward to the season.

"Just got to get through the last bit of the summer and then it's back to business.

"This is a new division for me. I am confident that I can be effective and get goals.

"I want to just help the team as much as I can really and if it is my goals that are helping me do that then that's great.

"I will give everything during every game, like I have my entire career.

"This my 19th or 20th pre-season, so I know what they're all about now and I know my own body."