John Bostock also defends Dan Crowley talking about his faith

Last updated : 30 November 2023 By Magpie Mick

Bostock said “It can be difficult if you don’t know who you are, for Dan [Crowley], myself and other Christians I know, our faith is not just a part of us. It’s not just the cherry on top of the cake, but also the core ingredients of what makes us who we are.

“Dan has been on a journey of ups and downs but he is loving his football now what has sustained him through it all is his faith and it would be remiss of him not to mention that [in interviews].

“People are entitled to their opinions on it but when you’re secure in who you are then the comments don’t stick. We have the Ballers in God community but having Dan and Junior [Morias] at the club does help because we’re like-minded in our religious beliefs, but everyone at Notts is reading off the same page.”