Jamie Fullarton is likened to Jimmy Sirrel

Sirrel managed Notts on three occasions from 1969-75, 1977-1982 and 1985-87. He is regarded as the club's greatest ever manager.

Bradd said "I have met Jamie twice and have had good conversations

"And, dare I say it, there is a little similarity with Jimmy.

 "They are both Scots and they both use this term about being effective. Jimmy taught all the players he had in the group what was required.

"You weren't on the pitch to play football; you were going out there to do a job and in each role you had a job to do.

"I think Jamie is preaching that from what I hear from one or two of the players.

"They know exactly what they have to do out there. They have a structure to play and, in that structure, they have a freedom to play. But we must start from not conceding goals."