Jamie Fullarton blames naivety for defeat to Bristol Rovers

"I think it was evident in the two goals, that it was naivety which cost us," he said.

"It's something that we will keep working towards and eradicate because it was a game we were in.

"We were playing against one of the top six sides in the division in what is a young squad.

"Building on from the first half we were looking to improve and unfortunately we didn't. There were a number of circumstances and situations with it.

"Goals change games and affect players. When something does go against us, then it can't affect us the way it did.

"We were always looking to get back into the game and for us to push on. We tried to get back into the game, but we couldn't.

"It stayed at 2-0. And all we have to keep doing is keep working as hard as we are doing.

"The lack of goals is something we are trying to correct."