Ian Burchnall understands the frustrations of Notts County's fans

Last updated : 23 April 2021 By Magpie Mick

Burchnall said “Of course I understand.

“They’ve suffered for quite a while, but we all want the same thing.

“We want the team back in the Football League, we want to win matches and we want to play good football. So when we don’t, the fans have every right to be frustrated and think whatever they like.

“But we’re going to give everything that we’ve got, and we’re working extremely hard to try to bring success and we will continue to do that.

“I’ve looked at the fixtures and of course, we have a lot of away fixtures, but still, for me, we need to finish the season strongly and there is no game we cannot win.

“We can win every game. There’s no doubt about that and we have the capabilities.

“So we just have to prepare right and have that mindset. And certainly, we can pick up a lot of points from now to the end of the season.”