Ian Burchnall talks about disappointing 3-1 loss

Last updated : 01 May 2022 By Magpie Mick

The Magpies head coach said “We get ourselves back in it at 1-1 and we should have a penalty - it’s as clear a penalty as you are going to see all year.

“At 1-1, if we can get ahead they have to come out and it changes the whole dynamic of the game, so I’m extremely frustrated about that decision.

“The first one is a penalty, I’ve seen it back, and the second one is stonewall.

“The fourth official agreed with me but said it’s always more difficult to give the second one. I don’t understand that and it cost us, because if you come across a team who sit low and you do create something and open them up, you need to take that chance and then that changes the game dynamic.

“They then got ahead and it was hard to break them down in the second half.

“Dion screens the ball out and it’s more a foul on him, I was expecting a foul for us, and he sends Dion off. This is what we have to put up with today. We were not good enough but we were certainly not helped from that department.

“It was very disappointing. We knew we were playing against a team who needed a result today to stay up so we knew they would be very competitive, and they were.

“They sat virtually every one behind the ball and had a centre forward who can counter and be a threat.

“The opening goal in these sort of games is really important and we gave it to them, then it becomes difficult because they continue with their game plan and we don’t move the ball with enough speed and don’t create enough against a really well organised low defence.

“They countered very well and exploited the space we left and that’s disappointing because we have talked about that.

“Their first goal comes from a switch of play and their second is a good counter attack which comes from us losing the ball.

“But in the final ten minutes we are obviously gambling hugely to try to get something and you leave yourself with a lot of space to defend.

“That played into their hands as they brought on players who were powerful and quick and it’s an incredible third goal that seals it.”