Ian Burchnall reflects on defeating Weymouth 3-0 win

Last updated : 25 May 2021 By Magpie Mick

Burchnall said "I am very happy with the performance and the fact we've got three points, we are in the play-offs and we did it in front of our own fans.

"A lot of things came together on one day. I was shocked by the atmosphere when I came out of the tunnel and it was right the way through the game.

"The fans were fantastic. You could tell they missed being here and we've missed them. It was a brilliant atmosphere and 4,000 definitely sounded treble that.

"I felt more nervous about the game than I have done in previous games because we've been brilliant in the last few weeks.

"You want to do that again in front of everybody so there is that little added extra on it because you want to show them this is who we are.

"We did that by the end of the game and I was happy with that."